Maternal & Child Healthcare Products

Maternal and Child health standards are quite low in many developing countries because a considerable amount of their budget is allocated to factors that can support their economy like the development of infrastructure. Maternal health ensures that the mother and child are healthy during pregnancy and after delivery. The high quality yet reasonably priced products manufactured by Cardinal Medical (UK) Limited are appropriate in areas where high quality treatment is limited for women for instance in rural or poverty stricken areas. Maternal and child mortality rates are increasing according to reports published by WHO. At least 99% of maternal deaths occur due to preventable causes. Cardinal Medical (UK) Limited produces instruments and devices that can be used to ensure that the best treatment is offered to mothers during their labor or delivery period. Our products include delivery kits, D&C kits, resuscitators and feeding tubes that are designed and manufactured with the required safety standards that are followed throughout the EU and the UK.